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I use Evernote to save interesting articles when I am reading on the web or on Feedly. Feedly is a syndicated service for all the dozens of blogs I follow. There are a number of other services which offer services that save and store information like Pocket,  Instapaper or even using a bookmark folder in your browser. Skitch allows you to take screenshots and write or draw on images and then sync with a folder in Evernote. Pinterest is another way of saving images. You will need a premium account with Evernote to email items into your folders. As you can see, I am a hoarder of information. But I only recently discovered the Facebook Save Button.

Facebook Save Button

I use the Facebook Save feature for saving links and articles I have seen on Facebook that I want to find again. For example, when I don’t have time to read a full article but know it is something I will appreciate or want to action later.

How often have you seen something beneficial on our Facebook feed, only to go back later and not be able to find it?

Facebook Save will store links, your friend’s posts, posts on Groups, Upcoming Events, Page and photos. There are a few things it doesn’t seem to save. For example, if a friend shares some interesting thoughts about a link. There is only the option to save the link, not the whole post.

To view the things you’ve saved go to https://www.facebook.com/saved.

You will find previously saved items by clicking “Saved” under “Explore” on Your Facebook Feed Page.

Note: Saved items are private, so only you can see them.

How to Use the Facebook Save Button

Saving a Post: Click in the corner of the post and select “Save Post.”

Screenshot showing the Facebook Save Button - Saving a post

Bookmark that Link: Click in the corner of the shared link and select “Save Link.”

Screenshot showing the Facebook Save Button - Saving a link

To save a Page: Click the three dots and select save on the drop-down

Screenshot showing the Facebook Save Button - Saving a page

Considering going to an event? But not ready to accept. Click the three dots and select “Save Event.”

Screenshot showing the Facebook Save Button - Saving an event

Managing you ever growing saved items.

You can remove items from your saved list. When you have finished an item click the three dots next to it and select the “unsave”. You can also organise your saved items into collections. Go to your saved collect and click “New Collection”, enter a title and click “create”. Now next to each saved item is the option to add it to a collection.

Save to Facebook from Messenger

Do you want to download a video that you received from a friend through Messenger?

The easiest way to do this is to open Messenger on your browser. Hover your mouse near the forward icon near the video and three dots will show. Click on the three dots and you will have the option to save the video to Facebook. It will appear in your saved items. You can then right click and save as and download the video sent to you.

How do you use the Facebook Save Button Feature?

Let me know in the comments.

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