Web Design tips to enable you to work smarter not harder


Web Design tips

When it comes to website design, remember that finished is better than perfect. Generally to make something 80% great takes about 20% of your time. Getting that last 20% sorted out takes about 80% of the time.



Fiddling with website design should not divert resources from other important tasks

It is important that your website looks good and provides a good experience for users. But there will always be a chance to do something else – make a page load faster, tweak an image or change a word. When you start fiddling with things and find yourself spending as much time on the look of a heading as you did on setting up the basics of the site, you are going too far! 

Getting the basics right is better than focusing on the fine details. There are two main things to remember when you start a website design

  1. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking something out of the box
  2. You get what you pay for

When choosing a theme, my top tip is to look at the basic elements, not the fancy bits. Don’t concentrate too much on the colours and fonts and focus instead on how the theme will work for you. Look at where the main content will go, where the sidebars are and how many. These will form the building blocks of your design. They are also much harder to change than things like background colours and heading fonts.

Free isn’t always better when it comes to website themes

When you are searching for themes, it is tempting to pick a free one. But like many things in life, free isn’t always good value in the long run.

I don’t recommend picking a free theme unless it comes very soundly recommended, no matter how beautiful it looks. With free themes you risk:

  1. That the site is not updated regularly. This can lead to bugs or incompatibility when your web hosting or WordPress is updated.
  2. Even worse, many are abandoned completely and may not even run properly
  3. Getting a theme with no support. This means if you come across a bug or have an issue you are on your own.
  4. Getting poor quality coding. This means you might find you can’t customise the site as you wish.

I only work with themes based on the Genesis Framework because it is well coded and very flexible.

I have been working with Genesis themes since 2009. This means you get excellent value for money for my services because I can work efficiently and draw on my experience of doing many many customisations on the themes. I’d encourage anyone looking at website design to consider a theme based on this framework.


  1. طراحی سایت says

    Great tips. These web designing tips are good enough to make a great user friendly website that can helps you to get more traffic and revenue. I also add 2 more tips.
    These are given below.
    1. Don’t add slideshow images
    2. Simple but best design.

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