How to write Compelling Non Profit Stories for your NGO

Opportunity International Australia provides an example for us of excellent Non-Profit testimonials. These stories, I think, are best well structured and relatively short. They communicate the difference their organisation is making. Let’s have a look at Uma’s story on this Micro Finance page, which offers us an example of how you can write similar stories for your non-profit.


Please include a photo of the person who is sharing their story.


When Uma’s husband passed away suddenly … she turned to what she knew best – sewing.

Here is a brief description of the circumstances that led Uma to be in a position to be needing help.


For three years Uma tailored ladies’ garments by hand … it was a struggle to get everything done…She applied and received a small loan from Opportunity’s partner, ESAF, which she used to purchase a sewing machine.

Here, the intervention she received was the loan to purchase a sewing machine.


But the hard work paid off … a thriving, profitable business that began with a single sewing machine.

Then we learn how much the microloan has helped Uma. She was not only transforming her life and the lives of her children, but she was also able to employ others. The focus in this section is the transformation resulting from the help.


“I never stop working,” she says. “If you don’t do anything, you can’t get anything – do hard work and you will move forward. It’s every woman’s responsibility.”

They also included an inspirational quote from Uma.

I imagine she was one of the outstanding examples of transformation.


When writing stories for your non-profit, consider using the outline to give your story structure and communicate the difference your non-profit is making.

  1. PHOTO
  2. BEFORE the help
  3. DURING the help
  4. AFTER the help
  5. A QUOTE from the person
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