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Here are my recommendations for best practices for the Web Design for Content Archives:

If you have been blogging for a while and now you have built up some archive pages for each category, what are the best options for dealing with those archive pages?

Clicking from page to page versus infinite scrolling

I  don’t like infinite scrolling. I find it easier to click through pages rather than trying to remember how far down a page or how many scrolls was the content I wanted to read again. It turns out Google agrees, infinite scrolling, is not good for SEO. It’s not good for SEO (search engine optimisation) because the content is hidden from Google. Although Google does index hidden content it has held less SEO value.

I wonder when Facebook will have pagination rather than infinite scrolling they have at present on our walls. It would be so much easier to click through to find something I shared six months ago or longer.

Next/Prev versus Numeric Ordering

Today I changed my setting in Genesis to numeric instead of the Prev/Next option for content archives. Yoast suggests that Google bot finds numeric navigation better and it’s a better experience for the reader because they can see how many pages of archives there are. Good point!

You can style it to match your theme. Beautiful!

Web deisgn | Style to match your theme for numeric navigation

On the general settings page of Genesis, use the following settings for your content archives:




Yoast suggests:

By displaying excerpts you prevent most duplicate content issues. To display the image is a matter of taste and really depends on the site. The third option is the most powerful one though: by switching it to Numeric you no forego the need for a pagination plugin and allow search engines to reach deeper pages within your archives easily.


It’s it great that good web design, good user experience and good SEO are all in harmony.

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