Web Design Testing

Web Design Testing is checking whether the website works and looks how you expect it to work and look. Quality Assurance can be very complicated. Or it can be simple depending on your goals and budget.

Why Bother with Web Design Testing?

You will find errors that your web designer might have overlooked! When a web designer focuses on the big picture, they can miss details. Sometimes a customer might do something that the web designer might never have expected. It is also important to test the web design across different screen sizes and devices.

Doing some testing gives you confidence in your website. It is also valuable for understanding your customers’ experience on your website.

What to Test

How the website looks

You will want to check that your website looks good for all your customers. This means checking what the website looks like on different browsers and on different screen sizes. I will usually check your website on at least 2 browsers and on 4 different screen sizes. It is a great idea to have a look at google analytics to see the range of browsers and devices that your customers are viewing your website and check those. Don’t worry you don’t have to go out and buy lots of different devices! There is a range of tools available that do this.

Check the content

You will want to proofread your content. This is best done by someone else if you wrote it. If that is not an option then do this when you have some distance in time from when you wrote it.

Test the functionality

You will want to check that everything works well and works how you expect.

Want to learn about Testing?

The following course is excellent for the kind of testing required for our customers.


Some Tools for Testing

Testing Responsive web design: https://www.studiopress.com/responsive/

Checking Cross Browser Compatibility: https://www.browserling.com/

We do recommend that you test your website or you can ask us to test – we have a separate staff member (not me, the web designer) that will do very basic testing and proof reading of your content.

Screenshot of BYW website on responsive web design testing tool

Screenshot of a responsive design testing tool showing phone, ipad in landscape and portrait view

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