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The Hidden Benefits of a Custom 404 Page for Your Website

Most people have experienced the frustration of clicking a link or typing a URL only to land on a dull screen with the sterile message, "404 Page Not Found." Although a common element in the vast digital landscape, a 404 error can significantly impact a user's experience, potentially driving them away from your site. However, with a touch of creativity, a 404 page can be turned from a point of frustration to an opportunity to engage users. Here are some benefits of customising your website's 404 page:

1. Improved User Experience

A custom 404 page can help preserve the user experience when a visitor encounters a broken or non-existent link. Instead of displaying a generic error message, a custom page can provide helpful information or redirect the user back to an active part of the site. This keeps users engaged, even when they've stumbled upon an error, reducing bounce rates and maintaining user satisfaction.

2. Consistent Branding

Custom 404 pages allow you to extend your branding into every corner of your website, even in its error messages. By incorporating your brand's visual elements, tone of voice, and even a dash of humour or creativity, you can turn an otherwise negative experience into a positive brand interaction, reinforcing your identity and increasing brand recognition.

3. Opportunity for Engagement

A custom 404 page presents an excellent opportunity to engage with your users. It can be designed to include links to popular blog posts, product pages, or other areas of your site. Some businesses even use their 404 pages to showcase special offers, capture email addresses, or prompt social media follows. This turns an error into an opportunity, potentially increasing conversions and user engagement.

4. SEO Benefits

While 404 errors can negatively impact your site's SEO if not managed correctly, a custom 404 page can mitigate this effect. By including links to other parts of your site and valuable content, a custom 404 page can keep users on your site longer, reducing bounce rates - a key metric in SEO ranking.

5. Showcasing Creativity

A custom 404 page is a chance to show your company's creativity and personality. Many businesses use these pages to inject humour, showcase unique artwork, or share fun messages. This can leave a lasting impression on users, improving your brand's memorability and setting you apart from competitors.

However, with a touch of creativity, a 404 page can be turned from a point of frustration to an opportunity to engage users.


Custom 404 Page Example

How to Design a Custom 404 page with Beaver Themer

Designing a custom 404 page using Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer, our favourite page builder, is straightforward and doesn't require you to write a single line of code. Beaver Themer enables full site editing with templates for header, footer, archive pages and a custom 404 page.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard after installing the Beaver Themer plugin on your WordPress website. Select 'Themer Layouts' from the Beaver Builder menu and click on 'Add New.' In the 'Layout' field, select 'Themer Layout', then choose '404' as the 'Layout Type'. Enter your layout title and click 'Add Themer Layout'. You can start designing your custom 404 page from here using Beaver Builder's intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can add text, images, and button modules and even embed links to other parts of your site. Once you're satisfied with your design, click 'Publish'. Your new custom 404 page will now replace the default one, providing your visitors with a more engaging and helpful experience even when they land on a non-existent page.


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While a 404 error is never the desired outcome for a website visit, a well-designed, custom 404 page can salvage the user's experience, reinforce your brand, and even drive engagement. Far from being an oversight, a 404 page is an integral part of your website design strategy and an unexpected opportunity to amuse or inform your audience.

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