Should I host my email on my website hosting?

Why It's Risky to Have Domain, Website Hosting, and Email Hosting with the Same Company

Many business owners might opt to keep all their online assets—such as domain registration, website hosting, and email hosting—under the umbrella of a single provider. This seems like a simple solution, but it can lead to several serious pitfalls. Here's why:

1. Single Point of Failure

The biggest issue with housing all your online services with one company is that it becomes a single point of failure. Your online presence could be offline if the company experiences downtime, technical issues, or even goes out of business. The impact on your business, in terms of lost revenue and customer trust, could be catastrophic.

2. Limited Flexibility

Using only one service provider may limit your options and pricing.If you need a more specialised hosting service or if you find better pricing elsewhere, transitioning to another provider can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

3. Potential Security Risks

Having all services with one provider can potentially make your online assets more vulnerable. A security breach at the provider level could compromise your website and your domain and email, leading to significant business disruptions and potential loss of sensitive data.

4. Customer Support Challenges

Don't rely on just one service provider for all your needs. It may cause problems with customer support if issues arise. For example, a problem with your email hosting might get tangled with your website or domain support, leading to confusion and delays in resolving the issue.

5. Lack of Negotiating Power

Don't put all resources into one option; it limits negotiating power and service requests. Utilising services from various providers can help you take advantage of the competition.  This could lead to cost savings and personalised solutions.

6. Difficulty in Transitioning Services

Using one company for everything can make it tough to switch providers. Migrating a website, domain, and email hosting simultaneously can be a technical challenge, requiring careful planning and execution.


While keeping all online services with one provider may seem convenient, the potential risks and limitations often outweigh the benefits. It is recommended to adopt a diversified approach to reduce the risks involved. This can be done by selecting different providers for domain registration, website hosting, and email hosting. It’s advisable to assess your business needs, do diligent research on different providers, and consider the long-term implications of your choices. By spreading your online assets across multiple providers, you can enhance security, flexibility, and control, ensuring that your digital presence remains robust and resilient in an ever-changing online landscape.

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