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A client asked what I thought was the best way to promote a podcast. They were getting a lot of positive feedback from people listening. But now they wanted to broaden their audience wider than their personal contacts and their connections.

I would advise against Adsense (Google Adverts) because people do not usually search for a podcast on Google search. They might, however, look at the recommendations on their particular app. For example, I use Castbox. There is a recommended section which I imagine uses criteria which would include reviews.

This article from Matt McWilliams explains the importance of encouraging your current subscribers to give you a review

Use Facebook to Promote a podcast

My recommendation was to use Facebook to boost your audience.

A Facebook advert could pique someone’s interest when it appears on their feed. Facebook’s algorithm is pretty good at choosing the audience for the advert if you select the relevant interests.

If the podcast topic does not lend itself to the limited selections of interests on Facebook, you can promote it through the network of current subscribers. To do this you can set the advert to appear on the friends of friends who have liked your page.  If a person has already liked your podcast brand page, chances are they will have a friend who will also appreciate the podcast. In this way, you are more likely to reach people who would be interested in subscribing.

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