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Driving Success through Effective Content: A Deep Dive into Local Search Strategies

In a recent episode of the Deep Dive into Local Podcast, Mike Blumenthal interviewed Blake Denman, the President and Founder of RicketyRoo Inc., a digital marketing agency specializing in local search and other services.

Blake shared an effective content creation framework, focusing on small business owners aiming for better search results and conversion rates. Here's a summary of his four-phase process:

  1. Conduct Keyword Research: Identify the 15-20 most important keyword phrases relevant to your business. Utilize Google Analytics to track conversions, providing valuable insights.
  2. Develop Buying Personas: Create 2-3 buying personas representing your ideal customers based on research and real data. This aids content creation and link-building strategies. You may find this tool useful: Client persona questionnaire
  3. Analyse Reviews: Collect at least 50 reviews from third-party sources and direct customer feedback (e.g., Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews). Perform sentiment analysis to identify common phrases and unique selling points. Utilize the Ngram Analyzer tool for this purpose.
  4. Craft Engaging Copy: Write compelling content that resonates with your ideal customers and addresses their queries proactively. Measure conversion rates to gauge the effectiveness of the content.

By following these steps and utilising related tools, small business owners can create impactful content that drives better search rankings and higher conversion rates, ultimately leading to business growth and success.

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