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Mike Blumenthal on his Deep Dive into Local Podcast interviewed Blake Denman. Blake Denman is the president and founder of RicketyRoo Inc.  A digital marketing agency which focuses on local search among other things.

{You can listen to or read the full podcast here: Deep dive systematic approach to writing effective content}

Blake provided an excellent framework for effective content creation for the small business owner. I want to emphasise the word “effective”.  The goal is to get better search results AND better conversion rates.

Here is my summary of his four-phase process for effective content creation:

  1. Do your keyword research into the most important 15 – 20 keyword phrases. Set up Google Analytics to track conversion.
  2. Identify buying persona – Create at least 2-3. A buying persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on research and real data about your existing customers.  This will help with content creation and it can also help you with link building.
  3. Reviews: Collect the words people have used for at least 50 reviews from third party as well as direct feedback from your customers (eg Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews etc). Do a sentiment analysis or review analysis on these reviews. You are looking for the common phrases that come up in reviews. You can also look at your competitor’s reviews. This will help you identify your unique selling points. (There is a link below for the Ngram Analyzer which will scan through all the text and look from common phrases).  Look for ways of improving the content of your website. Do you need to edit the descriptions of your products and services or overall branding based on the insights gained? Also look at any negative review or feedback – take that on that internally – are there areas you can improve?
  4. Write great copy that will connect with your ideal customers and the answer to the users’ questions before they even have them. Has your conversion rate improved?

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